About Us

Learn what we do and how we can help you

Who We Are

Sonte has 12 years of experience helping Providers, PBMs and Healthcare Manufacturers with compliance and IT services.

At Sonte we understand that software cannot replace Healthcare Providers. Our goal is to provide IT solutions that make Providers more efficient with their tasks and outcome decisions while ensuring Providers are compliant with the growing complexity of healthcare laws and regulations.

What We Do

Sonte provides consulting and software services which ranges from our industry compliant HL7 messaging services to HIPAA consulting / training offerings. Our Meaningful Use consulting can guide you down the path of Stage 2 compliance. Our Project Management and Audit teams conduct thorough analysis of practice management and your EMR data to ensure compliance and provide the most efficient processes for your specific needs because we understand the “one application fits all” does not work for you.

We closely monitor and partake in the Healthcare IT industry trends to ensure that we are providing the best the industry can offer.

What We Offer

Sonte offers a partnership that results in our client’s ability to conduct business efficiently. With our industry compliant HL7 messaging and ICD-10 tools we can ensure that your EMR data is prepped for outcomes and transactions. Our in-house and webinar HIPAA training provides your staff with the knowledge needed to be compliant with todays privacy rules. If you require an EHR system we can assist you with the selection process and manage the installation and testing of the selection.

These efforts will result in your organization being more efficient and compliant which will make your business more profitable while providing better outcomes for your patients.